Wong On Saturday, April 5, 2008

MP of Johor Bahru said that the people can boycott Dutch products in response to a Dutch Member of Parliament who release a video clip which tarnished the image of Islam.


Anonymous said...

Is a boycott not unjust? Is this not dragging the name of Islam in the mud? Who needs enemies when there are friends like these?

Sakurai Aerial said...

Unjust or not unjust, only Dutch companies will be affected.

As for dragging the name of Islam in the mud, I think it is the same for anyone else in the world: you won't support someone who says bad things about you, ne?

Anonymous said...

Injustice is punishing those who do not fight against us. If you have an enemy, why must you make many more enemies? Is this not the height of foolishness? Not only the Dutch will suffer, but all right thinking peoples will also condemn Muslims for inappropriate unjust behaviour and thinking. If some one wrongs you, guide him back gently. Not retaliate like barbarians. Imagine you are a parent or a manager. Is this how you treat your children or staff if they do something wrong? How do you want to change them for the better?

Sakurai Aerial said...

In my opinion, a boycott is not a barbaric move - you only avoid using their items or services as a reminder. It's not like going for a war or something like that which is barbaric.

You said: "Imagine you are a parent or a manager. Is this how you treat your children or staff if they do something wrong?"

I'd say yes, I'd cut the allowance or pay of my children or staff if they were to do anything wrong as a reminder to them.

You also said: "If some one wrongs you, guide him back gently. "

This, I agree. No doubts.

Anonymous said...

Did the Dutch people or the Dutch companies do something wrong? Who is getting the allowance cut? If one of your children or staff do something wrong, should all the children and staff be also penalised and of course to be fair, also the inept management or parent?

If your son is a Mat Rempit, and injured somebody in a collision through his behaviour, should you be punished severely also? Or should the victim be blamed for happening to be there?

If your daughter becomes pregnant before marriage, should the parents of the daughter be punished for bringing her up loosely? Or do you advise that a honour killing is justified if there is no satisfactory adjustment?

What do you think are the appropriate punishments for the above two crimes according to Sharia principles and your best interpretation of the Holy Koran?

Sakurai Aerial said...

Okat first of all, my stand: I don't support the boycott either. I agree that it is better to be moderate. I have not boycotted any dutch products because I believe Dutch companies had not done anything wrong.

I'm no Muslim and I don't read the Holy Koran, by the way.

If it is possible, I'd like to end the debate here. Like I have stated before, I do not support the boycott.

To me, a boycott is a form of moderate protest which would not last long, at least till something is done about what they are unhappy about.